• Easily extend your portable A/C exhaust tube. 
  • Secure fit on 5-inch tubes with no leak. Outer diameter 138mm. Inner diameter 130mm (5.12inch). The inner diameter does not take the thread into consideration and is the maximum diameter of a compatible tube.
  • Counter-clockwise thread outside inwards.
  • This is an intulon brand product and has not been licensed to be sold by anyone else. Buying from any seller other than Intulon LLC or Amazon.com will only get you a fake product.
  • NOT designed for clothes dryers.
Height 106mm
Length/Depth 138mm
Width 138mm
Portable AC Exhaust Hose Coupler
Color Neon green
Inner diameter 130mm
Outer diameter 138mm
Thread Direction Counter-clockwise

5-inch Tube Portable A/C AC Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Coupler/Coupling - Counter-clockwise thread [neon green]

  • Brands Intulon
  • Product Code: CPL005CCW-NGN
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